Whether you like long walks on sandy beaches, a whole beach to yourself, or frolicking in the water with other beach goers, our beach house location offers a number of beach types and options – all at your doorstep or within a very short walk. The house is set on a peninsula that offers both sheltered bay beaches and breezy ocean beaches.

Right in front of the house you will find a set of white stairs going down to a red sand beach. The water here is very warm, the slope gradual, and the shore is great for small children, digging clams, and paddling around.

If you walk further down the beach to the right, the sand becomes more champagne colored, the red bluffs turn into grassy sand dunes, and the slope of the beach deepens. Near the point by the channel between the tip of the peninsula and the Cabot National Park, the water deepens more quickly and makes this area a favorite place for swimming.

On the other side of the peninsula point, you will find miles of white sand beaches facing the open ocean. The water is a little cooler here, but still very nice for swimming. Along this whole area, you will see very few people and will usually have the beach to yourself.

If you want to take a shortcut to a more populated beach on the ocean side, it’s a quick walk to the nearby Twin Shores camping area, where you will see a path down to the beach just beyond the General Store.

For beach and water lovers – this is the ideal location!